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Adil and Mustafa Sönmez: the visionaries behind Sönmez Baklava

Sönmez Baklava, known for its authentic Gaziantep baklava, has made a name for itself in Germany. Behind this success are Adil and Mustafa Sönmez, two brothers who have built their company into a leading baklava producer with passion and a spirit of innovation. In this article, we look at their inspiring story, their vision and how they made Sönmez Baklava what it is today.

The beginnings: A shared vision

Adil and Mustafa Sönmez grew up in a family that was deeply rooted in the Turkish confectionery tradition. From an early age, they learned the art of confectionery making and developed a passion for baklava, the centerpiece of their culinary culture. These early experiences laid the foundations for her later vision of bringing the best of Gaziantep Baklava to Germany.

Adil Sönmez showed an early interest in the fine details of baklava production. His focus was always on the quality of the ingredients and perfecting the recipe. Adil is a creative thinker who is constantly looking for new ways to combine the traditions of Turkish confectionery with modern techniques and tastes.

Mustafa Sönmez, on the other hand, brought his entrepreneurial skills to the duo. With a keen business sense and a feel for market developments, he was instrumental in strategically positioning the company and opening up new markets. His experience in the food industry helped the company to quickly adapt to the requirements of the German market.

The foundation of Sönmez Baklava

In 2010, the brothers decided to turn their shared vision into reality and founded Sönmez Baklava in Berlin. Their aim was to establish the authentic taste of Gaziantep baklava in Germany. The beginning was challenging – the competition was fierce and German consumers had to be convinced of the quality and authenticity of their product.

The brothers began selling their products at local markets and fairs, where they quickly found a loyal following. Word of their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction spread and they were soon able to open their first store.

The road to success: innovation and quality

Adil and Mustafa focused on the highest quality and authentic taste right from the start. They imported the best pistachios from Gaziantep, used traditional recipes and attached great importance to artisan production. This uncompromising approach helped them to stand out from the competition.

A key factor in their success was also their willingness to innovate. The brothers developed new baklava variations and formats that were tailored to the tastes and needs of their German customers. At the same time, they remained true to their roots and ensured that each new creation preserved the essence of Gaziantep Baklava.

Expansion and recognition

Thanks to its strategic focus and the high quality of its products, Sönmez Baklava was able to expand rapidly. They opened more stores in Germany and began to offer their products online. The online platform enabled them to reach customers throughout Germany and further increase awareness of their brand.

Over the years, Sönmez Baklava has received numerous awards and recognitions for its outstanding quality and contribution to culinary diversity. These successes cemented its reputation as the leading baklava producer in Germany.

The vision for the future

Adil and Mustafa Sönmez have big plans for the future. They want to further expand their product range and open up new markets, while always maintaining the high quality standards and traditional craftsmanship that make Sönmez Baklava so special. Their vision is to establish Sönmez Baklava as a synonym for high-quality baklava in Europe and at the same time to pass on the cultural richness of Turkish confectionery.

The brothers are also committed to sustainable practices and fair working conditions. They take care to source their pistachios from suppliers who use environmentally friendly cultivation methods and pay fair wages. In this way, they not only contribute to the quality of their product, but also to a positive social and ecological balance.

The story of Adil and Mustafa Sönmez is an inspiring success story that shows how passion, quality and a spirit of innovation can shape a company. Their vision and commitment have made Sönmez Baklava a leading name in the world of baklava. For entrepreneurs, foodies and anyone interested in inspiring success stories, the Sönmez brothers’ journey offers a fascinating insight into the art of starting a business and the power of vision.

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