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Welcome to Sönmez Baklava

A warm welcome

Welcome to Sönmez Baklava! We are proud to offer you the best baklava you have ever tasted.

Pistachio capital

Our special pride and joy is the pistachio from Gaziantep, the "pistachio capital" of Turkey.

Our delicacies

Are made by experienced bakers according to traditional recipes and prepared from the highest quality ingredients.

These pistachios

These pistachios are known for their unique taste and quality, and they give our baklava a special touch.

Our philosophy

Preserving tradition, delivering quality

At Sönmez Baklava, we are proud to bring the rich tradition and unmistakable taste of Gaziantep Baklava to Germany. Our commitment to quality and authenticity has made us one of the leading suppliers of traditional baklava.
Our history

A journey into the world of baklava

Sönmez Baklava was founded by brothers Adil and Mustafa Sönmez, who wanted to combine their passion for Turkish confectionery and their roots in the famous Gaziantep baklava production. With decades of experience in the food industry, they have made it their mission to produce the best baklava and make it known beyond the country's borders.
%100 Handmade

Pistachios of the best quality

Boz 1 pistachios from Gaziantep for our baklava

Pistachios of the best quality

100% Premium-Butter

the best quality butter from the Netherlands

12 years of experience

%100 Handmade

The doughs are rolled out by hand

100% Premium-Butter

12 years of experience

We have been here for you since 2012


Adil Sönmez & Mustafa Sönmez

Adil Sönmez is one of the founders of Sönmez Baklava, a leading producer of antep baklava in Germany. With his passion for traditional Turkish sweets and his experience in the industry, he has made a significant contribution to the company's success.

Mustafa is co-founder of Sönmez Baklava, one of the best-known antep baklava producers in Germany. His passion for traditional Turkish sweets and his years of experience in the industry have helped him to found Sönmez Baklava and make it one of the leading companies in Germany.